All audio edited, percussion tracked and arranged by RydMedia.
Tracked by Ben Lieberman of Audiogenix.
Mixed by (I believe) Liquid 5th Productions.

Another example of RydMedia’s experience in a cappella music. Whether you have an album that you’ve already tracked that needs cleaning, whether you’re just starting the recording process and need someone to guide your hand along the way, or whether you have an album that’s just waiting for mix, RydMedia has more than 12 years of experience with collegiate a cappella, from arranging to performing to vocal percussion and more.

Songs like these present special challenges—making sure that everything is aurally pleasing and in tune without making that tuning obvious.  Tightening up entrances and cutoffs so that all of the sections are tight.  These days (with single-tracked a cappella) this is a lengthy and time-consuming process that most groups either don’t have time for, or don’t have the time to learn the intricacies of pulling off that balance (because, I’ll be the first to say: it takes a while to get it right).

RydMedia is close with many many producers who work exclusively with a cappella.  We can help you get your project off the ground, we can help you figure out who will be the best person for each step of the process (even if that’s not with us!), we’ll talk you through the tracking, coach your singing, and help you figure out how best to deal with the mixing and mastering process, whether that means doing it here, or sending it out to one of the many other talented producers with whom we’re in close contact.

Longstoryshort: RydMedia knows a cappella.  Ever since Matt first heard Straight No Chaser in 1998, he’s had one ear to the scene and been following everything that’s happening.  Whether you want an all-natural sounding album with the gloss of studio polish, or whether you want a tricked-out disc with all of the effects and fun tricks that can be thrown at it, we’ll help you get there!


All audio edited, percussion arranged by RydMedia.
Tracked by the incomparably talented Ben Lieberman of Audiogenix.
Mixed by… I’m not sure, actually! This is an older track, and I lost its trail after it left my coffers. Trying to figure out who brought this song to completion!

RydMedia has over 12 years of experience in collegiate a cappella, from performing to arranging to vocal percussion to tuning to editing to mixing to whatever you might be looking for. We have literally DOZENS of other a cappella producers that we’re in regularly in contact with, and can help you figure out the best way to get the sound that you’re looking for.

Recorded tracks on your own and need them cleaned up? Send them in! Close enough to Chicago that you can come in and track in-studio? Let’s set up some times! Want RydMedia to record you, even though you’re not nearby? We can bring a portable rig to you! There are a whole bunch of options, and we can help you figure out exactly what you need to make the best a cappella album that your group has ever produced!


Another foray/experiment into a more alt-country sound. This one errs more on the country, less on the “alt-“, but I’m still really happy with how it all turned out. This features the full lineup of The Matt Ryd All-Stars.

Feat. Justin Lack (drums), Ben Winter (bass), John Schieber (violin), Joan Hoedeman, Laura Green, Liana Modestas (epic vocal chorus!), Matt Ryd (all the other stuff).

These drums were tracked in a horrible-sounding practice space—the epitome of recording on a budget. But some tweaking and patience later, they sound like they came straight out of the studio! RydMedia, Inc.: Making cheap recordings sound expensive since 2008.

Song (C) 2008, Matt Ryd. Released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.


An experiment into a more “Nashville” or “alt-country” sound—trying to expand out a bit from the standard pop/rock umbrella.

Song (C) 2013, Matt Ryd. Released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at RydMedia, Inc.


Special thanks to Mike for lending his AMAZING vocals to this track. Seriously, the man is some sort of singing wunderkind, and belted out some seriously amazing harmonies and backing vocals on this track. All off the top of his head.


A simple performance video of Xoe Wise.  Shot right here in the RydMedia, Inc. studios.  Quick, easy, cheap for Xoe, and she now has a YouTube video that looks significantly better than just sitting in front of a web camera, and instantly rises above so many others on YouTube.


A video created for 1Band1Brand, A-Frames, and Xoe Wise.  A simple concept, super-low budget, super-high production values.


All Over (by Lady Laura)

Audio recording/editing/engineering/mixing/mastering by RydMedia, Inc.
Film directed/edited by Ben Winter (a good friend of mine, and one of the most talented filmmakers and bassists that I’ve ever met).

Laura’s EPs provided an interesting challenge.  90% of the time I record keyboards on a song (whether I’m playing, or the artist is playing for him/herself), it’s on a very nice Yamaha fully-weighted 88-key keyboard that I have here in the studio.  I have a few dozen piano plugins—everything from 9-foot grands recorded in concert halls, to honky-tonk uprights that are ever-so-slightly out of tune.

Laura has an upright piano that has been passed down through several generations, and she very much wanted to record all of the keys on her EPs on that piano.  Obviously, we couldn’t up and bring it to the studio, so that required several on-location sessions.  Now, Laura’s apartment isn’t exactly acoustically treated for recording, and after going back and forth with a bunch of portable baffles, we decided that the piano sounded best when it was able to ring out throughout the living room.

This only became an issue because we recorded her vocals in-studio, as dry as can possibly be.  This meant matching the post-production reverb to the natural reverb that we captured on piano, so that the listener wasn’t jarred by hearing a voice that was clearly in a different space than the instrument.

In the end, I think everything matched up perfectly, and I’m super-pleased with all of the songs that she put out (and I produced) over the course of this past year.

This song is on her brand-new EP, “Jezebel: Spring”.  You can pick it and her other EPs up at http://ladylauramusic.bandcamp.com/ and I highly recommend them all.  Catchy songs, pretty songs—they run the gambit.  And Laura is such a talented singer that we were really able to create a series of EPs that tell a series of stories.  Each song will take you on a journey, and you’ll feel like you’re just sitting in her living room, listening to her tell you about an incredible year of personal trial and growth.  Give the songs a listen, and if you like them, go support her so that we can start working on her full-length, full-band LP as soon as possible.  ;-)

Talk to ya soon,


Simpleton & Cityfolk wanted a great video from their CD release show, but didn’t want to have to hire an entire camera crew to film it.

Luckily, they came to RydMedia, Inc., where some strategically placed tripods, one live cameraman, and some high-quality editing were able to come together to give the band a fantastic music video from a once-in-a-lifetime show.


Another video for which I did the audio mix.  This one was interesting — it was direct board audio, which meant that I didn’t have separate sources to mix.  The bass was originally too low, and Morgan asked if I could make it more prominent.  Now, if I had bass and vocals on separate tracks, this would have been an absolute no-brainer.  But since everything was all on one track, it required a little bit of finagling.  I made duplicate copies of the track—one with a high-pass filter (that allowed the vocals and the harmonics of the bass to get through), and one with a low-pass filter (that filtered out everything except the low bass notes).  I applied compression to each of those duplicate tracks and used them as a “poor man’s multitrack”.  Add a little bit of automation to the volume levels, apply some mastering effects across the entire thing, and you wind up with a recording that captured both the subtle nuance of Justin’s bass playing and Morgan’s incredible vocals.  It was an interesting challenge, but both Morgan and I were very happy with the final result.  :-)  Enjoy! 


A recent RydMedia production—I mixed/mastered the audio for this surprise Karmin performance at a pop-up concert in L.A.!


A full-service production company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Offering audio Production, Video Production, Live Sound Engineering, Photography, and much more.

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